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Welcome to Lebeau Software

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What is Currently in Development

Bullet Point Item LSFinance for Blackberry is a new product to be offered by Lebeau Software. It is a personal finance program targetted exclusively at the Blackberry smartphone platform.

Bullet Point Item SourceView is a new product to be offered by Lebeau Software. It is a standalone source code viewer and basic editor. It has searching and syntax highlighting capabilities for many common file formats that are used by software developers. Lebeau Software designed this application for its internal use, but because it is being used on a daily basis for various tasks and has proven to be very useful to Lebeau Software, it has been decided that it should be released publically for other software developers to use.

Bullet Point Item Version of the ICQ Chat Player is under private beta testing. This version adds support for multi-file chat sessions. These are ICQ .cht files that contain only a portion of a larger chat session, and as such do not contain information about the users that participate in the chat, or the duration of the chat. This new version of the player will be able to play back these files. The user list can be determined dynamically while the chat is playing. Unfortunately, the duration of the chat is not available in these files, so the player will instead display the overall percentage of the file that has been played.

Bullet Point Item The ICQ Chat file format documentation is being updated with new details that were discovered while updating the ICQ Chat Player.

Bullet Point Item Version 2.0 of the TMSAgent VCL component is under public beta testing. This is a major redesign over version 1.5. This version contains many enhancements and bug fixes.

Bullet Point Item Version 1.2 of Agent Clipboard Reader is under public beta testing. This new version now allows the user to choose their desired spoken Language and TTS engine. In addition, this version now allows users to choose MSAgent character files that are installed in folders other than the default "Windows\MSAgent\Chars" folder.

What is Planned for the Future

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