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C++ Programming Certified Delphi 6 Certified COM Certified

Lebeau Software is dedicated to helping other software developers with their projects. Lebeau Software can offer consultation, on a part-time basis, for the following activities:

Bullet Point Item Help to software developers who are using Borland development tools for C++ and/or Delphi.
Bullet Point Item General C++, Pascal, HTML, or Java language issues that are not specific to any particular compiler vendor.

Lebeau Software has a lot of experience and knowledge in developing/using VCL (Visual Component Library) components, ActiveX/COM objects, and custom DLLs. Primarily in C++, but to a lesser degree in Delphi as well. Consultation ranges from simple source code review and advice, to source code patches and moderate rewrites.

Lebeau Software is a member of If you are already a Freelancer Employer, or would like to conduct your consulation in a formal environment that legally protects your coding investment, then login in and send a message or bid invitation directly to the screenname of lebeausoftware, or click on the button below.

Software Architecture Designer

Direct Consultation

Official PayPal Seal No contracts are involved, just one-on-one support via email and/or IM on a part-time basis. PayPal is required for payments. Prices are negotiable, based on a number of factors:

Bullet Point Item The developer's particular needs for the project.
Bullet Point Item The importance of the project to the developer.
Bullet Point Item The time table for the project.
Bullet Point Item The amount of time and effort that Lebeau Software is to put into the project.
Bullet Point Item The amount of money the developer is willing to spend.

If you do not wish to pay for consultation, and if the help being requested does not take up much time and effort, Lebeau Software may decide to waive the consulting fees altogether.

To request direct consultation from Lebeau Software, use the Contact page. Make an offer, and we will see what we can work out. Please be sure to provide some details about the type of work that is being requested.

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